What are some examples of routine maintenance that an Electric Vehicle would have?



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    Maintenance of electric vehicles aren’t all that different from that of regular cars. Oil and filter changes, checks of engine coolant level, brake inspections and the like are all the same. Lubricating door hinges and latches, treating the weather stripping, checking the lights, wipers, turn signals, horn, defroster and tires for rotation and inflation are also the same.

    Perhaps the only thing different is that there might be other belts to check and perhaps no power steering pump. Transmission fluid should be checked, but take note that hybrid transmissions are different. “The electronics modules for the motors run pretty hot, so they have their own dedicated cooling system. Hoses and clamps and coolant level of the electronics cooling system need to be checked periodically, and the coolant needs to be changed at some point (for instance, the Escape Hybrid calls for 100,000 miles). Hybrid battery modules can have a dedicated heating and air conditioning system, so check and replace its air filters on schedule (for example, on the Escape Hybrid, check at 10,000 miles and replace at 20,000 miles.)”

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    Electric vehicles (EV) actually require significantly less maintenance than conventional internal combustion engines (ICE).  A typical 4 cylinder engine contains over 100 parts that can potentially require maintenance.  The motor of the Tesla Roadster contains one part, the rotor.  There is generally no transmission in electric vehicles as well, though some have one.  For example, the Tesla Roadster has a transmission while the Nissan Leaf does not. 

    Other maintenance issues in ICE vehicles that are not required in EVs are: oil changes, filters, coolants, clutches, spark plugs and wires, PVC valve, oxygen sensors, timing belt, fan belt, water pump and hoses, catalytic converter, and muffler.

    With an EV you will need to keep up with the headlights, tires, suspension, and brakes.

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