what are some examples of non-biodegradable waste



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    Plastic is one of the most used products by our society but it is non-biodegradable. Daily we use plastic grocery bags, plastic containers, plastic water bottles, and they cannot be decomposed naturally by the earth. For example, it takes over 500 years for a plastic container to decompose. The problem is that these products cannot be incinerated because alot of them, like thick plastic containers, can resist the fire, and when burned plastic releases alot of toxic fumes into the atmosphere. The solution is recycling, but most of the time there is too much plastic that not all of it can be recycled and instead it is just put in landfills and in the ocean.

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    Non-biodegradable wastes are items that will not biodegrade or that will take a very long time to biodegrade. In addition to plastic as jgvp1988 stated, the list includes glass, metal, vinyl, styrofoam, aluminum, chemicals, and toxins. 

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    We can render any organic substance biodegradable with our additives.  This includes all conventional plastics including styrofoam and toxins made from petroleum.  See:  http://earthnurture.com

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