What are some examples of natural hallucinogenic plants?



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    Salvia divinorum (a form of sage) and psychotropic mushrooms and nutmeg are all hallucinogens. They have these properties because they are poisonous. They all can have very bad digestive side effects from cramping to vomiting.

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    I have attached a link to a site with various hallucinogenic plants. It gives descriptions and pictures. 

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    Psilocybin mushrooms, San pedro, peyote cactus buttons, ayahuasca, morning glory seeds, fly agaric mushrooms and brugmansia flowers are all natural hallucinogenics They have been used by indigenous North and South American peoples for hundreds of years, possibly thousands. Consuming these plants in too-large doses without proper preparation and guidance can be dangerous. Yet, they can also be used for a variety of healing and learning experiences, with these plants sometimes being referred to as plant teachers. 

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