What are some examples of man made extinction?



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    Passenger Pigeons in the 19th Century: in the 1800’s, Passenger Pigeons were the most abundant bird species in the skies. During mass migration, people have said the flocks of possibly thousands and millions were so large that they block out the sun for quite some time. People began hunting them as a sport, for food, for their raw materials. The hunting accelerated because it seemed like there are a limited amount of these pidgeons. Unfortunately, overhunting led to the demise of the species. In 1914, the last known Passenger Pigeon died in captivity at Cinncinnati Zoo. The species was gone from the face of the Earth in less than 100 years and it was all due to man made causes. 

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    The Baiji River Dolphin declined significantly in recent years, because of China’s industrialization. The river where the dolphin lived became heavily fished, used for transportation, and hydroelectricity. Industrial waste and residential waste, all man made factors, seeped into the river and the Yangtze became reinforced with concrete in many locations. Not only the excess number of boats on the river, but the noise pollution they created made the dolphin nearly blind. they often collided with propellars. In 27 years the population dropped from a few hundred to 13. By 2006 they were declared extinct, all due to man made causes. To see a longer list of man made extinct animals, check out the link in the citations. 

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