What are some examples of how the sierra club has helped the environment?



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    The Sierra Club, which was created in 1892, has done a lot to help our environment.  They have forcefully advocated for the protection of our national forests, they advocate for investments in renewable energy sources, and promoted policy which helps to reconcile and balance the needs of society with the needs of the environment.

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    The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by John Muir, a naturalist who visited the area now know as Denali National Park and what inspired him to be close with nature. The Sierra Club was established in order to preserve nature from urban development- this is one way they have helped the environment. Because they have so many members, the Sierra Club is influential in acts of congress to help ensure that nature keeps its bounties. In the 70’s, the Sierra Club helped lobby for the Clean Water Act, and other nature-preservation acts have ensued. We can thank the Sierra Club for helping more Americans become aware of the fragile beauty of nature.

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