What are some examples of green drinks I can buy in stores?



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    One brand of sodas and fruit-flavored waters that focuses on being eco-friendly is Flavrz: they use organic ingredients, provides concentrated forms that cut back on packaging and transpoting costs, and donates 5% of the money they make to environmental causes.

    Other than buying eco-friendly brands, more green ways of buying drinks include: bringing a reusable container for fountain beverages or coffee, buying products made from recycled materials and that are recyclable, and going for a single larger container (one two-liter bottle) rather than many small ones (mini cans or bottles), which use more packaging.

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    Odwalla makes some delicious green drinks.  They make smoothies, fruit blends and soy shakes that are not only delicious, but all-natural.  They also make granola bars that are equally tasty.  See below for more information.

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    Numi organic tea is a great healthy option as a green drink. The company is committed to reducing their environmental impact through their business initiatives. Their tea is organically grown, the packaging is eco-friendly, they offset their carbon emissions and actively try to minimize waste in their supply chain. Numi asks its customers to recycle their tea boxes and compost their tea bags.

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