What are some examples of environmental art?



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    Andy Goldsworthy is a great environmental artist, and you can look at some of his stuff here:


    Jacek Tylicki is great as well. 




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    One of the most famous pieces of environmental art is “Spiral Jetty” by Robert Smithson. It was made in 1969. Although “Spiral Jetty,” Smithson’s masterpiece, used the earth as a sculpting material and can be considered environmental art, it actually damaged the coastal waters it was built in.

    Since the sixties and early seventies, when the environmental art moveemnt began, artists’ awareness has included ideas about improving the environment, rather than simply using tghe earth as sculpting material. Artosts such as Joesph Beuys and Andy Goldsworthy often left the environment re-forested and greener with their artwork. Joseph Beuys’ instalaltion piece, “7000 Oaks,” in the city of Kessel, brought 7000 oaks into the urban environment.

    Other artists, such as Rosalie Gascoigne, make sculptures out of junk and garbage. Not only does such art recycle, raising awareness about the benefits of recycling, but it makes an artistic statement about the process of transformation.

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    Environmental art is meant to make a statement or send a message through the use of landscape and nature and can be created by inspiration and a creative mind. In college, my class was required to install environmental artwork for a day throughout campus in order to promote awareness of the negative environmental effects existing in society today.

    One of my classmates taped newspapers all around a trunk of a tree and its branches to symbolize the need to save trees from deforestation and to promote awareness of paper waste; it was a simple art piece that brought attention to an ongoing crisis in a subtle manner. 

    Another classmate designed an artwork that literally showed the process of plant deterioration, from beautiful flowers and green leaves to dried, dead plants in brown, muddy compost. She also placed square mirrors in between in order for passbyers to glance and contemplate the importance of preserving biodiversity and plant species.

    Thus, there are many techniques to making great environmental artwork and you don’t have to be famous to make one!


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