What are some examples of environmental toxins?



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    Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are one of the most common environmental toxins.  The USGS has proven that these toxins occur in over 80 percent of the surface groundwater in major metropolitan areas like Denver Colorao.  These chemicals come from gasoline runoff as well as industrail solvent pollution.  VOCs cause cancer, central nervous system damage, and nausea (among other symptoms).  VOCs often occur in the air from plastic, “off gassing”.  This is what many people know as the, “new car smell”.  In other words, VOCs are responsible for many serious health effects, yet they are a commonly occuring chemical in our lives.

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    bialowieza is absolutely right. Additional environmental toxins are as follows:

    • Heavy Metals (mercury, arsenic,  aluminum)
    • Pesticides (sprayed onto food crops which are then ingested by humans)
    • Asbestos (used for insulation in older houses, fibers are released via heating ducts and ceilings and ingested by humans)

    All of these toxins are carcinnogens and found in items we use and/or ingest every day. Additionally, these toxins can cause birth defects, lung problems, and various other deadly diseases.

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