What are some examples of eco friendly ways to cook a meal?



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    If you are going to go all-out, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances to ones that are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and made from recycled items. But If you are looking for simple tips, here you go: use your own vegetables or support sustainable, organic, and local growers. Cook multiple items at a time and make sure they are in smaller pieces to decrease cooking time. Compost anything that is compostable, etc. The websites below offer more tips that are useful.  

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    To start make sure you are using the right foods. Buy local, eat seasonal, and get organic. Make sure you know where your food is coming from and how it was raised. Also, try to make foods that don’t require cooking time. If you make something that does require a stove or oven try to cook multiple things together. 

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    Microwaves use less energy than electric stoves and can cook food much quicker. Gas stoves are not all bad because they heat up quickly and natural gas burning is nowhere near the toxicity of burning oil. 

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    There are simple eco-friendly ways to cook a meal.  One way is to reuse water.  For example, while cooking pasta and veggies, cook  the pasta until it is almost al-dente, and then drop the veggies in at the end to cook.  Pasta can also be strained, and the hot water can be transfered to another pot veggies to cook with using anymore fuel.  Another way is to just use the least amount of energy to cook.  Be sure to cook with your dish covered. This will keep the heat in and cook your food faster. You will use less energy.

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