What are some examples of Dams causing severe environmental damage?



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    One example can be seen in China.

    Read this article about the Three Gorges Dam for more information:


    Another example is rainforest destruction:

    “In India and South America, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests have been destroyed by the building of hydro-electric dams.

    The construction of dams not only destroys the forest but often uproots tens of thousands of people, destroying both their land and their culture. The rates of waterborne diseases increase rapidly. Downstream ecosystems are damaged by dams which trap silt, holding back valuable nutrients. Reduced silt leads to coastal erosion. The sheer weight of water in dams has in Chile, Zimbabwe, and Greece led to earthquakes. The irrigation and industrial projects powered by dams lead to further environmental damage. Irrigation leads to salination of soils and industry leads to pollution.”



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    Another great example of a dam failure is the Inez Coal Tailings dam. Tailings are the material left over after mineral ore has been mined and separated via mineral processing. Talings are normally composed of slimes, or fine particulates–e.g. clay, silt, etc, and coarser tailings–e.g. sand. The Inez Coal Tailings dam was a tailings dam located near Inez, Kentucky. On October 11, 2000, this dam, which was estimated to house over 250 Million gallons of water and 155,000 cubic yards of coal waste, failed. Over 75 miles of rivers and streams along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River were contaminated causing numerous environmental and health and safety consequences.

    A Tailings Dam Failure 

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