What are some examples of biodegradable waste?



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    Anything organic is generally biodegradable. So most food waste such as banana peels, broccoli stems, coffee grounds, left overs from meals, etc. Yard waste, such as grass clippings and tree leafs or twigs, is also biodegradable in most instances. Other items might include brown paper grocery bags and certain cardboards. This is far from an exhaustive list but it’ll give you an idea.

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    The Biodegradable Products Institute works to label anything that can be biodegraded.  On their website they list products that have earned the biodegradable label.  Some of the items include certain plates, cups, bowls, bags, and packing materials.  For a complete list of the companies that have earned approval, visit the BPI’s website which is shown below.

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    Anything that is derived from plant or animal sources is considered to be biodegradable if it will undergo anaerobic or aerobic decomposition.  Biodegradable waste is divided into four main categories: Green Waste, Food Waste, Paper Waste, and genearl Biodegradable Waste.

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    The waste that can be processed by biological processes such as waste decomposed by bacteria or fungi are said to be biodegradable waste. Most of the waste is eco-friendly.Most of  this type of waste are obtained from nature.Once the waste is treated ,it can be for various other purposes. for example vegetable peels or fruit peels or paper.


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