What are some environmental problems with windmills?



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    The most common problems associated with windmills are the issues windmills interfering with bird migration routes.  Avian experts believe certain birds are attracted to the windmills which causes them to fly into the poles or turbines which kills the bird.  Estimates of bird death in California every year nearly reach 5,000 birds.

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    Also as with anything human made, the windmills do take resources to construct, which damages the environment. However, the damage caused is far less severe from other forms of energy, such as gasoline or nuclear power. Windmills can also intrude upon an environment, such as a field. 

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    Windmills also cause noise pollution and shadow flicker. Although we are mainly concerned about the effects that these phenomena have on people, it is likely that they have very similar effects on non-human animals. The discomfort induced by windmills may cause animals to leave the area and seek habitat elsewhere. Unfortunately, they may not have anywhere else to go.

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