What are some environmental issues caused by tourism?



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    Tourism can have numerous effects on an ecosystem, from physical damage to disturbance. Areas of natural beauty are often exploited for profit. Some of these areas of attraction, like national parks, have strict laws to protect the preserves. Other attractions like resorts do not monitor tourist activity and they build tourist infrastructures in the middle of habitats. Depending on the extent of construction a watershed effect can occur, carrying chemicals into fresh water supplies. Tourist are unaware of their impact sometimes; they feed wildlife or leave trash out creating a dependency. When wildlife is drawn to populated areas it can be dangerous for the animal and the tourists. 

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    Tourism can have adverse impacts on an ecosystem in multiple ways. Increased transporation to an area means increased air pollution from cars on the road. In addition, people may accidentally trample plants underfoot if there are no designated paths or if they stray from them. Littering and feeding animals human food can endanger the lives of animals because humans may become too bold around humans, can get sick from eating waste, or can get stuck in food packaging.

    The environment may be degraded by providing lodging and restaurants. Some animals may move away from heavily populated because they feel unsafe due to the size of humans and the noise they create.

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