What are some environmental court cases that have influenced how we treat the environment?



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    There is at least one major court case that’s affecting our ability to curb environmental problems in extremely important ways right now.  In 2007, the US Supreme Court ruled in Massachusetts vs EPA that the Environmental Protection has authority under the Clean Air act to regulate the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming as a threat to human health.  This 5-4 Supreme Court decision has paved the way for the EPA to take strong action on global warming at a national level.  Just this month, after a long and drawn-out process of officially assessing the health risks of global warming, the EPA concluded that greenhouse gas emissions do indeed threaten human health.  The Massachusetts vs EPA decision makes it clear that the EPA has authority to act on global warming.  However, as in most cases involving environmental law, it is ultimately up to executive branch of government how well the law is executed.  Now, the EPA needs to show the public that it is ready to follow through on the court ruling and its own finding, and regulate greenhouse gases in an aggressive manner.

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