What are some environment initiatives taken by the Philadelphia Eagles over the years?



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    In January 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie announced that he has plans to renovate the Lincoln National Field. The plan is to transform the stadium into a eco-friendly stadium by incorporating wind turbines, solar panels, and biodiesel power. Lurie’s eco-friendly stadium has gained Lurie praises from fans and President Obama.

    The solar panels reduce wastes and allows the stadium to produces its own energy. Lurie also installed low-flush toilets. The stadium has 2,500 solar panels, 80 wind turbines, and a generator that runs on natural gas and biodiesel. The Lincoln National Field is the first stadium to produce its own energy. Lurie has also set up programs to promote and educate people on how to go green by using less energy, reducing waste, and as a result save money.

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