What are some environment initiatives taken by Google?



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    Google made the decision to become carbon neutral in 2007. They are working towards this by designing efficient data operations and sources by using renewable energy (whenever possible) and offsetting emissions that cannot be eliminated by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets. Google’s data centers use 50% less energy than typical data centers by calculating the performance of each facility, using evaporated cooling and recyled water, and recyling all electronic equipment that leaves the facilities. Google is also in the process of pursuing LEED certification for their offices.

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    Google aims not only to make their company carbon neutral, but to help others make theirs as well. And anyone else who wants in on renewable energy. Investing and working with several start-up companies that specialize in solar thermal power, Google hopes to make solar power cheaper than coal so that the sun can replace one of the most harmful and ubiquitous electricity sources. They call it the “Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal” initiative.

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    You should really check out their website if you are interested in their efforts. They are actually one of the leading companies that have made sustainability a focal point in business operations.

    Their 3-Step Process

    1) Operate more efficiently (Ex: Designing their own servers and building their own data centers)

    2) Operate using renewable energy (Ex: Google had the largest corporate installation of solar panels in the US)

    3) Whatever doesn’t work with the first 2 steps, offset with carbon offsets.

    They have also invested over 100 million dollars in other companies that are undergoing green projects.

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    In addition to what has been already said, I read that Google is the first ‘official’ user of the “bloom box.” The emissions-free, battery-like, mini power plant which is currently too expensive to go mainstream. One box could power up to four homes. I really think Google is doing their part to invest in green innovations.

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