what are some of the enemys of coral trout



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    Evidently, the most prevalent enemy of the coral trout is us, humans. They are very sought after in the fishing industry for their high market value, and can be victim to overfishing. The do not have too many natural enemies, as they live in the coral reefs off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and have ample protection from most. In addition, they themselves are predators, feeding on smaller fish near and around the reef. Perhaps another predator they have to fear are sharks, but rarely venture to far from the coral reefs. 

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    Coral reefs are ancient animals. Over the past twenty-five years, the corals adapted and evolved reef-building animals. Coral reefs are diverse regions on Earth. Coral reefs only cover .2% of the ocean’s bottom yet that does not change the fact they coral reefs contain more that 25% of the marine life.Coral reefs are a complex mixture of animal and plant.

    Coral reefs are classified into three types of reefs. Barrier reefs, fringing reefs and atolls. Bariier reefs are found offshore and are seperated by water from the mainland. Fringing reefs grow on the land mass. Atolls are islands made of coral which is surrounded by a lagoon.

    Coral reefs are threatened. Scientists discovered that coral reefs provide many benefits. They provide an excellent food source and the catching of reefs provides people with a living. Medication are also made out of reefs. Anti-cancer and painkillers can be made out of coral reefs play an important role in biogeochemical cycles.

    This ancient animal is threatened and its biggest predator are humans. The deterioration of coral reefs are caused mainly caused by humans. Other predators are the White tip shark Ulua, barracuda, and other sharks but humans are the biggest cause of the deterioration of the coral reefs.

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