What are some endangered flowers in the United States?



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    There are thousands of plant types which are endangered.  Below is a link to the US Department of Agriculture’s list of threatened and endangered plants throughout the country.  You will be able to sort through different geographical regions and find a much more specified answer to your question. 

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    Below is a list of some flowering plants that are endangered in the United States, listed by common name. 


    2)Star cactus

    3)Hairy rattleweed

    4)California jewelflower

    5)Fragrant prickly-apple

    6)Florida golden aster

    7)Fountain thistle

    8)Etonia rosemary

    9)Beautiful pawpaw

    10)Longspurred mint

    11)Smooth coneflower

    12)Willamette daisy

    13)Prairie bush-clover

    14)Scrub lupine

    15)Eastern prairie fringed orchid

    16)Napa bluegrass

    17)Lanai sandalwood

    18)Ashy dogweed

    19)Persistent trillium

    20)Desert yellowhead

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