what are some of the effects of modernization today



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    Modernization is typically characterized by industrialization, so going by this definition it has brought with it both positive and negative impacts on society and the environment. For instance, the advent of automobiles revolutionized traveling. It allows people to get to their destinations much faster and more comfortably and conveniently than horses or carriages did. But the biggest down side to automobiles is their contribution to air pollution, which impacts cities and the local environment (and may even get carried by the wind to other places). That’s just one example of how modernization has brought good things and bad things.

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    Modernization continually changes the infrastructure of our society. Think about what the world was like prior to cell phones, the internet, air travel. Modernizations gives us a better quality of life and endless options. However, poorly planned modernization cannot be sustained and must be change to ensure a good quality of life for those in future generations. 

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