What are some effective ways to conserve water?



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    Showering instead of bathing (assuming your showers are of a reasonable length), not leaving the faucet running when you brush your teeth and only using your dishwasher when it is full are 3 of many basic approaches you can take.

    I am providing a list of 100 possibilities, easily intergrated into everyday life.

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    Very easy ways to conserve water include using a low flow shower head, replacing old appliances to conserve water, turn off the faucet when it is not in use, only run the dishwasher when it is full, take shorter showers, etc… This is one area in life where improvement is easily attainable and can make a lot of difference.

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    Take a half-gallon milk jug and put a few heavy rocks in it. Fill it up with water and put on cap tightly. Place in the tank of your toilet. You’ll save 1/2 gallon with each flush!

    Take 3-5 minute showers. Play the radio, and try to be finished when  just 1 song is finished.

    Fix leaky faucets. Or place an empty jug to catch the drips. Use to water plants or feed pets.

    Use the water saver option on your dishwasher.


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