What are some eco friendly toys for kids?



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    The website I have provided below lists many different types of toys that are eco-friendly, and fun to play with! They offer dolls, wooden toys, wooden figures and other items.

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    There are lots of great small retailers on the internet. You can also have a look at Etsy.com where you can find all sorts of hand crafted unique toys.

    Planet Happy Toys as mentioned is a great store, another recommendation would be Little Cool Toys

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    I like toy companies that are tied to environmental causes. For instance, miYim is a company that manufactures solely organic toys, and one of their popular toys is this guy, the Jane Goodall Gorilla:

    He’s a part of the Jane Goodall Collection (which includes a lion and pink elephant as well), a percentage of the profits of which benefit the Jane Goodall Institute.

    Another site of which I’m a big fan is the RainforestSite. Their toy section is a little limited, but each product is fairtrade, supports local artisans, and also contributes directly to rain forest conservation. One of my favourites is the Peru Village hand puppet set:


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    Turn things into toys like old boxes or paper towel rolls. The kids will have to use their imaginations, and you won’t have to spend any more money or resources to entertain them.

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    http://www.oompa.com/baby-toys/category/Organic_Toys/ORGANIC-&-ECO-FRIENDLY.html Sells eco-friendly toys that are also fair trade and sustainable. 

    I would also recommend visiting the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Environmental Kids Club page for eco-centered games, art projects, and science experiments. 

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    Hey! Check out the online store – My Little Green Shop. They sell eco-friendly baby toys including plush toys, puzzles, educational flash cards, jump ropes and beach toys. So it fits any occasion and most ages for children – as well as genders

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