What are some eco-friendly suggestions for disposing kitty litter and waste? Is it sustainable to flush it down the toilet?



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    Flushing it down the toilet, which is not recommended by plumbers I believe, is a bad idea especially if you live near a lake or in a coastal community. Otters have started to get Toxoplasma because of contamination from cat faces. It is better for the environment if you don’t use plastic plastic bag but use paper or biodegradable bags.

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      what about when the feces enter a landfill, does it contribute to the problem despite earth-friendly bags? would something similar to composting be a viable option? …where would you find biodegradable bags?

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      Biodegradable bags are found with other plastic bags at your local grocery store or Target type store. Feces can be toxic and will ruin compost so do not add it to compost. It will biodegrade very quickly.

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    Choosing the most eco friendly cat litter in the first place is another important consideration.  Good Mews and Yesterdays News are brands of litter made out of recycled newspaper.  Brands such as Catfresh and Nature‚Äôs Earth are made from sawdust that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

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