What are some eco friendly places to live in Colorado?



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    I have lived in Denver for 20 some years. Denver tries to be ecofirendly, but like Los Angeles is known for smog. Smog has covered Denver in the past 20-30 years or so just because there has been a giant population boom. Also, because of urban planning and westward expansion the city is designed poorly and is incredibly spread out, so driving is a necessity, which doesn’t help the smog. Fortunately, the wind does lift the smog often, but because of Denver’s location near the Rockies, like Mexico City, the smog often settles over Denver. You will hear the phrase “front range” referring to a large swatch of the state extending from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, which houses probably about 6 million people (if I had to estimate). So while Denver tried to be eco-friendly and is moving in the right direction, Boulder and Nederland are environmental strongholds, reflected in both their businesses and laws. Nederland is sustainable even more than Boulder. Check out the Nederland Sustainability Project to learn more:


    There are also plenty of smaller mountain towns that are supportive of sustainability efforts. Crestone is an example of such. 

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