What are some eco friendly pesticides?



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    I would recommend EcoSmart brand pesticides, because unlike other eco-friendly pesticides, they’re the only one I’ve come across that is apparently non-toxic. Other eco-friendly pesticides use essential oils from plants and spices like cloves, thyme, and mint, but are still hazardous to pets and children, and in large enough doses, adults, potentially causing gastrointestinal issues, and depressed nervous system, among other things.

    EcoSmart pesticides also use essential oils, but from plants. The botanical oils block octopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates movement, heart rate and metabolism in insects, but something not present in mammals, birds, or fish, making it more safe than other green alternatives.

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    There are a few really great eco friendly pesticides being produced and brought to the market these days. It’s really awesome to see companies coming together and creating a product that can combat the damaging effects of earlier prototypes on the market.

    Although there are plenty of options for purchasing, you also have the ability to create your own pesticides that will work just as well as a store bought brand. eHow has some great instructions on creating and utilizing your own eco friendly pesticides. All you will need is baking soda, vegie oil, and water.

    See the link bellow for the step by step instructions.

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    This is not a pesticide in the sense you are probably thinking of, but works well for smaller scale growing; diatomaceous earth is a great way to control pests like aphids withouit using chemicals. I have personally used this and have had success.

    You can also place plants that naturally deter pests near the plants you wish to protect.

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