What are some eco friendly materials I can make clothing out of?



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    Organic and/or fair trade cotton is a good place to start, fairly easy to find and not that much more expensive than regular cotton. It’s also not that hardto find clothes made from hemp or bamboo fiber, which is less resource intensive than traditional cotton or polyester clothes. 

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    Before you look for something too exotic, cotton is a sustainable resource from which clothes can be made.

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    In addition to organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp, there are a variety of other fabrics that you can use, such as hessian cloth, calico, Tencel, and even spider-web fabric. This list contains a list of 17 eco-friendly fabrics that includes information on each type of fabric: http://www.natural-environment.com/blog/2008/04/10/17-eco-friendly-fabrics/

    In addition to the list of fabrics, the link also includes information on dyes and finishes, such as biodegradable TPU laminate, which can biodegrade in only 4 years.

    You can also turn fabric scraps into new clothes.

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