What are some eco friendly furniture companies that I could use to furnish my whole house?



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    I’m new to this website – what a great idea.

    I’m an interior designer and I have created an eco-friendly furniture/fabric/rug line!  See http://www.pureinspiredhome.com

    We can create furniture and patterns outside of our current line based on our client’s need and style.  Send me an email if you have questions.

    Samantha Cobos, Allied ASID, LEED AP

    PURE Inspired Design


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    Lee Industries sells some amazing eco-friendly furniture.  All of their couches and chairs are made with sustainable wood, organic fabrics, recycled fiber filling, and water based finishes.  

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    If you don’t have organic mattress yet, Savvy Rest is what I recommend.  Did you get some furniture yet?  Can you share with us what company you found?

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    A company to look into is Modern Eco Homes. They sell natural, green, and eco-friendly furniture for homes. They sell furniture and decor for every room of your house. Because this furniture is eco-friendly and that is a new sector of business, their prices are more than a company that doesn’t specialize in eco-friendly furniture. However, the cost of the furniture is worth it for helping the environment.

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