What are some eco-friendly fabrics?



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    There are sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that are becoming more widely available to the every-day person. 

    One of the most commonly known eco-friendly fabrics is organic cotton.  Several large retail chain stores have now produced clothing made from this fabric. 

    Silk is a natural fabric that is made from silk worms but if you are concerned with vegan practices you won’t want to choose this material. 

    Another fabric that is better known is made from bamboo.  Yarn and fabric are available in large craft stores.

    Hemp, linen, and alpaca are some other materials from which eco-friendly fabric is made.

    Plus, you can shop at vintage/secondhand stores to be green instead of buying a new piece of clothing.

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    When it comes to organic fabrics, the key is to not necessarily pick the craziest, most out-there material in the world, but to pick one of several common fabrics that falls in line with your eco-perspective. Picking fabrics that use a minimum of pesticides and chemicals, sustainable farming practicies, fair-trade economic policies, and animal-friendly harvesting methods are all important qualifications to consider when picking an eco-friendly fabric.

    Hemp fabrics are sustainable farmed, comfortable, easy to work with, and widely available outside the United States (within the US, production varies by state).

    For all the vegans out there looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional silk, soy silk (made from protein rich soybeans) can be a great choice.

    Calico fabric, a type of unbleached cotton manufactured primarily in India, is both easy to work with and widely available for purchase.

    And for anyone who may be looking for the craziest organic fabrics out there, there are several kinds of organic fabrics still being refined and experimented with: Tencel (a biodegradable fabic made from wood pulp), Ramie (an organic fiber 8 times stronger than wool which actually becomes stronger when wet), and FORTREL EcoSpun (fabric made from recycled plastic containers), are all exciting developments to look for in your local alternative fabric store.

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    I would suggest you look at handmade silk from Thai Silk Magic for your eco-friendly fabrics.

    We are very proud of our natural dye techniques and never use chemicals in any of our processes – even the mordants we use to achieve colour-fast dyes are totally natural.

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