What are some eco friendly dish detergents?



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    Two eco-friendly dish detergents that supposedly work well (since there’s some controversy over the efficacy of dish detergents lacking phosphates and enzymes) are Target’s Method Smarty Dish Detergent in Go Naked and Walmart’s Simplicity dishwasher tablets.

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    Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is a good detergent for washing dishes by hand. It can also be used as a pet shampoo, car wash, and fruit and vegetable wash. It should not be used in dishwashers, however.

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    You can mix your own eco-friendly dish detergent. Take one part borax and one part baking soda and combine. Place two tablespoons of the combination into the detergent dispenser. Include vinegar to act as an anti-biotic if you would like.

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