What are some eco-friendly developing countries?



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    A lot of developing countries are more eco friendly simply because they don’t a lot of resources at their disposal like developed countries do. It seems as though India and Kenya are developing countries that are making an actual effect toward being more eco friendly. 

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    One really interesting story of a green developing country is Costa Rica’s approach to conservation. In the 1980s, the country began to realize the huge importance of its forests. At first it seemed like this realization came too late—some estimates put the remaining jungle ecosystem at 21% of its original coverage. But Costa Rica, realizing its unique position as a developing country, began to implement incentives for individuals and businesses that included conservation in their lives and business practices. The government began to offer money to small farmers to use a conservation management plan for the forest land they own rather than clearing it completely for farming. This compensation for conservation plans has helped offset the potential income that could be gained initially by clearing the land and planting on it, but would ultimately be lost as nutrients were depleted and erosion set in. The plan has been very successful, and now jungle covers more than half of the country. Illegal logging has gone down from 82% to 15% and there are fewer forest fires than ever. Costa Rica has the unique position of being the only country in a tropical climate that has actually reversed deforestation.

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    Columbia is considered to be an ecofriendly country despite its issues with deforestation and the ever unpopular drug trade. It’s home to 10% of the world’s species and has initiated several cultivation programs for their array of native plants; the Orito Ingi-Ande Medicinal Flora Sanctuary is a floral preserve devoted to studying and cultivating medicinal plants.

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