What are some eco friendly cosmetic brands?

Everyday Minerals is one brand I use and I’m curious about other eco friendly cosmetic brands out there. Which ones do you use or recommend?



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    Eco friendly cosmetic brands are available, but can vary depending on what you are looking for (oranic, natural, produced by companies with sustainable practices, etc.). Nvey Eco is a popular company, in addition to Organic Blue, Weleda, Suki, Orly, Lavera, GreenPeople, and many more. Europe has more options at the moment, but the U.S. is creating more eco-friendly products all the time. If you are unsure and would like to compare brands, check out Skin Deep (ewg.org/skindeep). This site is a guide for comparing different cosmetic brands based on different eco categories.

    GoodGuide is another site where you can compare products. I like Kiss My Face, Burt’s Bees, Avalon Organics, Dr. Bronner’s, and Nature’s Gate personally.

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    A few eco-friendly cosmetic brands are Jane Iredale, Tarte, Nvey Eco, Scotch Naturals, Alima Pure, Josie Moran and Korres. Qualities like non-toxic, vegan, herbal and biodegradable ingredients; smart packaging design made from recycled products; and support to organic farmers give these makeup brands eco-friendly status. A few other notable brands are Go Natural, Geogirl, Skin Deep and Physicians Formula Organic Wear.

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    Origins is also an eco-friendly cosmetic company that I prefer because of their vast array of skincare products. Origins not only produces makeup, but also sells bath and body products featuring natural ingredients. 

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    Everyone has given some great answers so far, so I’ll just let you in on some of my personal experience. Avalon Organics is my favorite environmentally friendly cosmetic company because I like their conditioner. However, it is quite expensive and I am shopping around for a different brand. Kiss My Face makes a nice shaving cream. Tom’s of Maine deodorant works very well because it has an essential oil or something that disrupts the cell membranes of bacteria so that they can’t hang out and cause trouble where you don’t want them. For soap, I recommend getting some bar soap without a package. Sappo Hill makes great soap, and it comes in several different varieties. It arrives in the store in a cardboard box, and the bars are sold individually without any extra packaging except for maybe a little paper price tag. Sappo Hill soap is also more affordable than other eco-friendly brands of soap. I hope that helps 🙂

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    Although I wouldn’t consider it totally eco-friendly, Urban Decay has quite a few vegan products and they do not test on animals. The only reason I am adding them to the list is because it easily accessible, people can go to the store and try the product before purchasing whereas many green brands are only sold online.  I have been using Urban Decay for years and I love it!  The fact that they do not test on animals is extremely important to me, and they offer plenty of vegan options that my makeup bag no longer consists of any other products.

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