What are some eco friendly companies?



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    Eco-friendly companies come in a variety of forms. Some companies are eco-friendly because they sell salvage materials, other are eco-friendly because they make non-toxic or recyclable products, others, still, are eco-friendly because they provide eco-friendly services. Therefore, I would urge you to decide what is important to you in order for a company to be eco-friendly. In the meantime, the links below provide directories to some eco-friendly companies.


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    Eco-friendliness revolves around corporate social responsibility specifically in relation to the environment. This means using innovative practices that are mindful of the impacts that they impose upon the environment. It is important to distinguish this from “greenwashing“, when companies claim to be environmentally-friendly or label their products as “green” products when they have little evidence of either being the case. That being said, some major companies that are often cited as examples of eco-friendly businesses include Hewlett Packard, General Mills, and several Energy Star partners.

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