What are some eco-friendly choices you can make when movie-watching?



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    If you are movie-watching at home, you can use all natural popcorn and make it on the stove instead of the microwave. If your going to be buying the movie, buy a used DVD, if you have Netflix see if you can watch it from your computer instantly instead of having it delivered. Remember when buying movies online, to look for a place closer if you want to be more eco-friendly so it doesn’t have to travel as far to get to you.

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    Well, to answer another way, make an attempt to watch documentaries or movies about the environment to learn more.  The Inconvenient Truth, Erin Brokovich, Wall-E, and Michael Clayton are just a few eco-friendly movies everyone should watch.

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    Probably the best thing to do is REDUCE.  Its the first of the 3 R’s for a reason.  Don’t go with organic popcorn or a smaller pop.  Neither of these are necessary.  Just ditch them all together, and save the materials! 

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         When you’re at the theater, don’t buy the highly packaged food and drinks they sell there. If you’re buying DVD’s, try to get them used instead of buying new ones.

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    When you’re watching at home, turn out the other lights in your house since you don’t need them to watch the movie. Also, avoid using the microwave to pop your popcorn (this is also better for your health since microwaves can cause cancer emissions). And make sure you recycle anything from what you eat, after the movie!

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    There are many options for going out to a movie theatre, which is what I’ll focus on, because others have done a good job of ideas for home watching. First, transportation: if going with others, carpool, or if alone, consider public transportation or walking/cycling if possible. Second, snacks: making your own at home allows you to reduce packaging and control what goes in, which can definitely be eco-friendly. (Just make sure to bring a big enough bag to conceal them, because the movie theatres are not fond of bringing your own snacks.) Third, movie content: just like aerodog said, try to inform yourself of environmental issues and support those who are getting that information out.

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