What are some eco friendly baby products?



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    Eco-friendly baby products are becoming more and more popular.  Ecomom.com is a great website that offers anything from organic baby food to eco-friendly diapers to cleaning products that are totally safe for your baby and don’t hurt the environment.  They also offer free shipping for orders over $50 so if you stock up on products you won’t have to deal with shipping fees!

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      Check out our line of eco friendly baby products! http://www.organicbabychick.com/
      Our boutique only carries all natural, organic, and eco-friendly baby products. When we had our daughter, I instinctively felt the overwhelming concern for her well-being and overall health. With that concern came a lot of research into eco-friendly cribs made with natural wood, organic crib bedding, natural baby clothing, and all natural baby bath products; we started going green! That’s when we decided we wanted to offer like minded parents a place where they could shop with peace of mind for their precious babies.
      I hope you like our stuff!

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      Same thing happened to me when I had my son, great to see that you’ve put so many amazing products in one place! I love the modern designs and high fashion feel.

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    Thanks! we update the site with news products frequently and would love your feedback and suggestions.

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    I have a whole nursery to put together,what are you favorite products?

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