What are some eco fashion ideas for the summer?



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    I am a huge fan of the website EcoFashionWorld.com.  It is a blog-style site that posts about new eco-friendly brands, trends, and products.  The level of fashion is not sacrificed for the sake of the environment.  Everything suggested is just as on-trend as a fashion site that doesn’t focus on the environment.  One of my favorite eco-friendly brands not listed on the site is Alternative.  They make great sweatshirts and sweaters from recycled materials, and can be easily located in department stores such as Nordstroms.

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    One really neat idea I’ve read about is the Uniform Project founded by Sheena Matheiken. She pledged to wear one dress for an entire year, and the challenge was making it look unique everyday without purchasing anything new. Personally, I think it’s a great step in the spirit of sustainability because consumerism by nature is not sustainable. Recycling the same item and using what you already have to dress it up means that you don’t have to purchase new clothes to create new summer outfits. Perhaps one year might be too much of a jump, so a summer might be just the right amount of time to test out the idea. Perhaps you may not want to try it at all, but it’s just something to consider 🙂

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