What are some easy perenniel herbs to grow?



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    Some perennials considered to be easy and reliable to grow are ‘Sprite’ Astilbe, ‘Moonbeam’ Coreposis, ‘Palace Purple’ Heuchera, Creepig Phlox, ‘Sunny Border Blue’ Veronica, ‘Magnus’ Purple Coneflower, and ‘Goldsturm’ Black-Eyed Susan. These are available at most garden stores across the country and are recommended for easy growing. 

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    It might depend a bit on the climate conditions of where you live, but here are some perennial herbs that grow rather easily:

    Chicory – You see a lot of this around the highways in the U.S.  These plants have blue flowers and the roots can be ground and used as a coffee substitute or it can be used as medicine for digestive ailments.  

    Aloe – This requires little water and needs warm weather so if you have a real winter, bring it inside.

    Echinacea – another medicinal herb

    Lemon Balm – can be used to flavor meals and teas

    Lavender – can be used to make perfumes


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