What are some easy herbs to grow in my garden?



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    I have found that rosemary is a very low maintenance herb and perfect for pot or plot. Basil, lavender and oregano are also very easily managed. All of these herbs are used in a variety of dishes and infuse those dishes with their own distinct flavor.

    I’ve included a link with a few more tips for growing herbs at home.

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    Basil and any mint (mentha) family plant will very be easy to grow.  Some mint species will be so easy to grow that they will become invasive, especially in the pacific northwest.  Fennel is also quite easy to grow, although there may be aphid problems late in the season.  I have found that rosemary, sage, and lavendar are also very easy to grow and maintain.  They are both very capable of thriving in clay soils in extremely dry (Colorado) and extremely wet (pacific northwest) climates.  Sage and rosemary may also be grown quite easily by planting cuttings in light and moist soil.

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