What are some easy DIY green projects?



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    Compost bin: just mix a pile of shredded newspaper, dried leaves, tree branches, add some earthworms and feed them fruits and veggies. 

    Container Gardening

    Paper mache projects using old newspaper and color paper

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    You can make little recycled Guatemalan worry dolls. You’ll need (use reused materials, things that were unneeded, don’t buy new ones):
    1. wooden chopsticks- cut into inch-long segments (the body)
    2. wooden toothpicks- cut into fourths (the legs)
    3. scrap fabric of any kind- cut into tiny rectangular strips (the skirt)
    4. yarn – cut into 1 – 2 inch long segments (the shirt)
    5. a hot gllue gun!
    Now, decide which is the head of your doll, draw a little smiley face on it with a permanent marker. The, on the bottem half hot glue the toothpick segments to opposite sides of the bottem half- so that 1/3 is attached the the chopstick and 2/3 stick out. I hope this is making sense…
    Right below the smiley face put a dab of hotglue and one end of the yarn on it. Once that end is glued down, wrap it around the “torso”, however far you think that should be, a few times and glue the other end. Take a piece of fabric and wrap that around the lower half, like a skirt! You can paint hair on them, too.


    You can goodsearch any idea you want! (goodsearch.com is like google, except you can choose a charity that advrtisments will donate to everytime you make a searcg!)

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    Get a bin to start collecting recyclables or see if you have a bin around the house. Replace your light bulbs with more efficient bulbs as they burn out or whenever you want. Make a collage out of old magazines. You can take plants or flowers that you like from your yard and press them. You do this by lying them in newspaper and placing heavy objects like books on them. You’ll probably want to leave them for a week or so. You can then make pictures or cards out of the plants as a gift. 

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    I think upcyling things around the house is great or creating cool, nifty things that you wil actually need or use. For example, have you tried ever making a vertical vegetable garden? If you have a shoe organizer or hanging pocket organizer then everything else will be pretty simple. Check it out at the link below:

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