What are some of the easiest ways to plant a garden?



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    You should first start off small. Small gardens are easier for beginners to manage in general. If you find you like it and have a knack for it, you can expand later. Pick a place with as much sun as possible. Look for soil that crumbles when you squeeze it into a ball. Don’t skimp and buy cheap seeds: they’re less likely to grow correctly. Onions, beets, peas, rutabaga, and zucchini are all relatively easy to grow. Surround your garden in mesh to ward off animals or vandals. make sure you  have some sort of insect repellant: there are natural options for this.

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    When you decide to begin your garden, get it roto-tilled.  Soil can be become very compact over time and lose much of it’s nutrients to rain and water runoff, pesticide, etc…  Add some peat moss or new soil to mix to rejuvenate the soil, and the roto-tilling will soften the soil making it easier to plant in.

    Make sure to also plant your garden when it is seasonably accurate, for example don’t plant your garden at the tail end of Summer.  Get it in late Spring or when over night frost is no longer a problem.

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    Square-foot gardens are an easy way for a beginning gardener to start. Square-foot gardens are a raised platform divided into nine squares (each with a volume equivalent to one square foot of soil. A different vegetable, herb, or flower is planted in each square foot (according to the gardener’s location and preference), and at the end of the plant’s lifecycle, the chosen plants are rotate. This ensures that the soil stays replenished and it gives a beginner a great way to have a varied and cheerful garden all year round.

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