What are some diseases that we get from our drinking water?



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    Diarrheal disease is the most common illness obtained from contaminated drinking water. Waterborne diseases have been classified into four categories including protozoal, parasitic, bacterial, and viral. To view a full list of potential infections and diseases, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterborne_diseases.

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    There are many diseases that can be acquired from our water systems. Among them exists parasites (Giardia), bacterial contaminations, and even lead poisoning.  One might also see groundwater contamination through spilling of waste products and then those wastes being absorbed into the soils and subsequently contaminating the water.  Lead poisoning enters the water system through the rusting of lead pipes.  It is particularly important if you consume well water to have it tested for contaminants and lead.

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      Wasn’t there a place back east that this happened and a town started having a bunch of kids getting leukemia? I know there is a movie but isn’t it a true story?

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      Yes, I believe that the movie was “A Civil Action,” children in Massachusetts started developing Leukemia. It was from groundwater contamination. This theme is also present in the movie Erin Brokovich. It’s really pertinent to those drinking well water, as typically city water is required to be tested. Water contamination can be and is more prevelant than one would think especially in areas where sidewalks and drainage systems get backed up and or are not maintained well. In rural areas especially development such as this is not available and backups can, again, get into the soils and contaminate the water. I really am a fan of filtered water and this issue concerns me. The water at my house smells funny so I never drink it or give it my pets to drink and I live in a city water system. I just like to ere on the side of caution when it comes to things such as this especially after studying the hazards of water contamination in a Geology course.

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    E. Coli can also be a problem in water.  You usually hear about it from other countries, or if you are hearing about it in America it will most likely be involved with tainted beef. 

    However, E. Coli has been present in some water sources here in the US, most notably the incident that took place in a New York lake. 

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