What are some diseases we can get from public toilets?



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    Because most diseases don’t survive long with out human warmth, there’s actually a fairly small amount of transmittable by toilet diseases. Some people have claimed they got herpes from a toilet, or other STIs, but there’s really no way to prove their claims. However, some studies show that toilet seat are cleaner than a whole lot of other things, computer keyboards included. In general, you’re more likely to get Hepatitis from someone who didn’t wash their hands and got their elimination on the door handle on their way out. So long as you use toilet covers, or squat, if you really want to ensure your safety, and use either a paper towel, or carry a napkin with you, to push open the door, you should be fine!

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    Acquiring bacteria and/or viruses from public toilets are rare because most common bacteria and viruses do not stay alive for long without a host. Thus, it would be unlikely to catch a disease from using a public toilet. In addition, it is also rare to catch an STI from a public toilet because in order to catch an STI, transmission must occur through the urethral or genital tract or from an open sore on your thigh or buttocks. 

    However, germs found in feces can be thrown in the air by the flushing of the toilet. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave the stall immediately after flushing. 

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