What are some disadvantages of producing non fossil fuel cars?



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    There are a few downsides to alternative energy powered cars. The biggest complaint/question raised when it comes to these cars is the cost. While electricity, for example, may cost less than gasoline to fuel cars, the batteries are extremely expensive when it comes time to replace them. The initial investment is pretty high but can eventually pay itself off.

    Availability is also an issue that has been widely addressed. Certain areas with a large cloud cover percentage throughout the year would not be a great option for solar energy. The same situation applies for wind power. This only works efficiently in rural areas where the winds can really be captured. Solar energy is already being used in some cars are wind energy would be a logical step to take next. 

    While there are some downsides to these alternative energy sources, the good still outweighs the bad. Taking gasoline powered cars off of the road could prove to have a huge impact on climate change and our earths rising temperatures. Just like any new technology, there will be glitches in the beginning. But, it is safe to say that 10 years from now, alternative fuels will have made huge improvements and will be much more accessible to the everyday driver.  

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