What are some diffrences and similaritys of climate and weather please i need help with my homework due 3/29/12



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    The main difference between the two terms is that climate is a long term pattern whereas weather is day-to-day. Climate is usually measured throughout years and even decades to show the patterns of weather for a particular region. When talking about the weather you would use terms such as sunshine, rain, blizzard, wind, cloudy, and so on, while climate would be more concerned with precipitation, temperature, humidity, and storms over long periods of time. Sally Deneen from “The Daily Green” explains the difference in a simple yet useful way, “climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get.”

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    It is best to think of the difference as a matter of time. Weather describes the conditions of the atmosphere at a specific location for a short period of time. For instance, a snow storm is weather. Climate is a more long term description of conditions, it refers to how the atmosphere behaves in general. A rainforest or a desert are examples of climates. 

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