What are some different things disabled people can do on an iPad?

Please only truthful, correct, and useful information. I need this for a report.



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    Ipads make using a computer or the internet a reality for people who previously could not.  The Ipad has come to surpass technologies specifically designed for disabled people because of its relatively low cost and versatility.  The sensitivity of the touchpad screen on the Ipad makes it possible for people with some disabilities (specifically nerve damage or damage to the hands making a QWERTY keyboard impossible) to interface with a computer. There is also voice recognition technology which allows disabled people to communicate better.  Software is in development (and some available now) which translate rudimentary symbols selected by the user into audible speech.  Most, if not all, of these activities were impossible before the Ipad, or required a piece of specialized (not versatile) and generally more expensive piece of equipment.

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    iPads are helping people with disabilities (all kinds) in a variety of ways. “Touch-to-speak” apps really help with communication. All a person has to do is speak into a mic and it detects what’s being said. iPads can also help with fine motor skills. Some teachers and parents have seen improvements in children with autism who use iOS apps. It can really be helpful in a lot of ways. 

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