What are some differences between swamps and marshes?



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    A good question.  People often think that swamps and marshes are the same thing — but there are some differences.

    Marshes:  presence of reeds, rushes, cattails.   Often treeless and open.  Generally rich with life: frogs, turtles, fish, birds.  “A soft, low-lying land, characterized by grassy vegetation and often forming a transition zone between water and land” (answerbag.com)

    Swamps:  partially wooded with trees (bald cypress, mangrove, willow, birch, water tupelo) and shrubs.  Muddy, deep soil saturation (up to one foot); swamps usually occur along river flood plains and in “poorly drained basins.” (answerbag.com)

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    Swamps are more of a wetland that contain tree vegetation. The soil is usually very mucky and highly organic. Marshes are wetlands that do not have trees and instead grasses grow. 

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