What are some of the development projects that have transformed the Jurm Valley in Afghanistan?



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    Jurm, a small area in the northeast of Afghanistan, is one of the few real success stories in revitalizing this war-torn and desperately impoverished country. The projects that made the difference were small, direct grants (often less than $100,000) directly to villagers to build water infrastructure, schools and other important facilities that are changing the community for the better. The effort was started in 2003 by the National Solidarity Program, a project of the new Afghani government. The Jurm Valley was previously a very poor and difficult place, with heroin poppies being its primary means of support. The development programs sought to involve the villagers directly rather than simply give money to an aid group or other organization, which would siphon off a large portion of funds in overhead (such as salaries to aid workers). Now in the Jurm Valley there is running water, a girls’ school and infant mortality is decreasing. Unfortunately there’s been some friction between the Jurm activists and the government recently, but conditions have definitely improved in the valley in the past few years, which is something that can’t be said for very many regions of Afghanistan.

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