What are some designers that build their clothing using recovered fabrics?



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    Deborah Lindquist is one of the more famous ones, as she graduated from Parsons and dresses the stars in her eco-friendly designs.  Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney all showcased designs for Portland’s fashion week, using bamboo as well as organic and recycled materials.  On the main runways, however, most top designers haven’t picked up on the trend yet; but it’s only a matter of time.  Perhaps they will have to share the spotlight with the up-and-coming, smaller designers who are taking advantage of how easy it is to reuse, recycle and use environmentally friendly materials.  To actually find clothing, it’s best to look at websites like ecostiletto (http://www.ecostiletto.com/index.php?/site/) that compile ecofriendly clothing in one spot for you.

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    One designer that uses reclaimed fabrics from factories is Cruz Della Casa.  Ropa Docenada is another talented artist, creating incredible pieces by refurbishing old ones.  Both of these designers are based mainly out of Buenos Aires.  If you’re looking for something in the U.S. THIS ARTICLE has a list of prominent as well as upcoming labels that are eco-minded in their work.  

    Don’t forget you can always be your own designer and hit up your local thrift store.  If you’d like to find one in your area, check out THIS SITE.

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    Some celebrities are known to support an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Heather Mills’s B@1, a recycled clothing line launched at Celebrity Catwalk in August 2009.  Stella McCartney is also very well known for her eco-friendly, recycled designs, including a denim collaboration with Alexander Wang.  She also launched a line of bags with LeSportsac made from reused fabric in the spring of 2008.

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