What are some delicious eco-friendly teas?



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    Stash, which makes wonderful teas, has an entire list of green initiatives:



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    There are so many different types of eco-friendly and organic teas. There is a website called  Pristine  Planet where you can compare and shop for eco-friendly and organic teas and other items. 

    Choice Organic Teas is a company that makes high quality teas and has been around since 1989.

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    Choice Organic Teas is a company in Seattle that makes only organic blends of teas, and they started doing so before other tea production companies thought it was a good idea. It is also an environmentally conscious and friendly company. They follow the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic’s Program regulations and standards. Their tea packaging material is the most environmentally friendly packaging available. They don’t use PVC. They purchase material that doesn’t have to be transported far and can be recycled.

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    While not advertised as a primarily green company, the Yogi Tea company has displayed a commitment to using organic products for around twenty-five years. They began as a grassroots company developed from the philosophies of herbalist and yoga teacher Yogi Bhajan, and have since expanded such that their teas are now available nationally.

    All of their teas are health focused, and they use organically grown and harvested herbs in their blends. They also use wholes rather than parts (eg goosberries or oranges rather than Vitamin C), which maximizes the amount of nutrient your body absorbs from the tea.

    And, as far as I’ve tasted, they’re all delicious! I personally recommend either the Kava Tea (which has a delicious, cinnamon flavor), or the Mayan Cocoa Spice (wonderfully warm and sweet, made with fair-trade cocoa).

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    If you are lucky enough to have a grocer who brings in Celestial Seasonings, then you may already know the delicious delight and enviro-sensabilities of this company.  All materials and ingredients are researched by the company first hand and ensured to support the local communities of all 35 countries who supply them.  I think this quote from their website gives you a perfect sense of where their loyalties lie, “Part of the Celestial Seasonings mission is to be an active participant in making the world a better place.”  Beautiful, and eco-conscious packaging never hurts either.

    Best tea I have found in my travels thus far.  Enjoy!

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    I would like to add to freedomtoast’s answer.  Celestial Seasonings is in my opinion a great company, and part of the reason why I am such a loyal customer is because of their eco-friendly efforts.  One thing they are doing is helping to sponsor the planting of one million trees through their “Trees For the Future” campaign (see link).  Additionally, they offer coffees that are produced in more eco-conscious ways through both the growing and production processes.  The downside is that while their herbal teas are readily available in stores, it is harder to find their coffees, chilled teas, or black teas in stores.  I am black tea drinker, not a coffee drinker, but I love their black teas so much, I buy them in bulk from their website – I have been a black tea drinker for years, but Celestial Seasonings’ black teas happen to be the best by far (way better than Lipton!).

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