What are some dangers of drywall?



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    In 2006 and 2007 during the housing boom Chinese drywall imported from China contained several kinds of chemicals including sulfur which erodes copper, piping, silver jewelry, and other interiors of the home. Though the manufacturer and the companies who built homes with this drywall were sued, many people were left with mortgages on homes which weren’t functional and grew less valuable by the day. The EPA and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among other companies, released a statement in 2009 that though the drywall was contaminated they could not prove it was making tenants ill. Some homeowners complained of headaches, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems. 

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    Homes with Chinese drywall have significant issues from sulfur and other compounds emitted into the ambient air. Individuals are showing symptoms including headaches, sinus irritation, respiratory problems and nosebleeds. Long term health affects have not yet been determined but governmental studies are currently ongoing. For this reason, ensuring that your home has no drywall issues must be the highest priority.

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    If exposed to moisture, drywall also has the potential to develop and hold dangerous mold due to the paper that covers it.

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