What are some dangerous affects of global warming?



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    There are SO many affects of global warming. Just take a look at this list.

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    As hugatree posted there are many ways we are negatively affected by global warming.  One example I am highlighting is the rising sea levels.  Even a modest increase in sea levels will increase coastal flooding, erosion, and disruption of natural sea habitats.  According to Science Daily approximately 10% of the world’s population live in areas that are in danger of being flooded.

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    There are indeed numerous potentially dangerous effects of global warming. In addition to rising sea levels (which threaten many coastal cities in the US, including New York and Miami), climate models postulate stronger and higher frequency of extreme weather phenomenon (droughts, floods, storms, possibly even hurricanes), melting polar ice (which may contribute a further 8 inches of sea level rise), interdependent species may become “out of sync“(for instance, plants blooming before the insects that collect their pollen are ready) leading to food production problems, and certain endangered species may become extinct due to habitat loss (the polar bear being the most-discussed example).

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