What are some current problems in the gulf due to the oil spill?



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    The current problems in the gulf due to the oil spill begin primarily with the devastation of the ecosystems surrounding the Mississippi Gulf, which houses approximately 90% of fish species pursued by fisherman that make up a $1.8 billion dollar industry in this region alone. The ensuing effects will be vastly more than loss of business for the fisherman, but the loss of business will cascade to the restaurant industry, tourism, and the retail industry. Fisherman will not be able to sell catches due to absence of fish, restaurants will not be able to provide natural fish from nearby sources, flight companies will lose business for lack of interest from travelers to go to the Louisiana area, hotel companies will face woes when unable to book visitors to the area, and retail shops selling goods to tourists will encounter decreased sales for lack of people in the area. Businesses that once thrived in the gulf will struggle to maintain their status, resorting instead to sacrifice in divisions of the business hoping to remain a part of the industry that employed a majority of the population in the area. Rejuvenating the Louisiana economy rests solely with the repopulating of the ecosystems surrounding the Gulf, only then can the ripple effect begin to reduce in severity and restore the lives of those that have been severely affected. 

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    Many other animals (not just animals involved in the fishing industry) are being killed from the lack of sufficient habitat and food in the area.  The citation below provides a very realistic article (coupled with a very necessary photograph) on the matter.

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